Risk Factor: Focal Plantar Pressure

Early identification of risk factors for ulceration are important in preventing complications in diabetic patients with insensitive feet. Research shows that plantar pressures are higher in neuropathic patients than in their non-diabetic and non-neuropathic counterparts. Since increased plantar pressure is a proven risk factor for foot ulceration, effective assessment could have a major influence on the incidence of diabetic foot ulceration1. Plantar pressure measurement can be used to identify specifc areas under the foot which are prone to ulceration and require appropriate off-loading solutions such as appropriately sized therapeutic footwear and insoles.

PressureStat is an FDA cleared, dynamic single-use calibrated footprint imaging device used to identify and measure areas of high focal plantar pressure as well as structural and biomechanical anomalies – key signs of motor neuropathy. Focal areas of plantar pressure appear as “Dark Spots” to create a visual interpretation that “Dark is Dangerous”.

The Pathway to Foot Ulceration in Diabetes Andrew J.M. Boulton, MD, DSc (Hon), FRCPa,b,c,* Med Clin N Am 97 (2013) 775–790

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