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Let us show you what the Arche Healthcare CLUE® program can do for you.The CLUE Program calculator was created to provide an illustration of the savings and ROI you can expect for your population of members with diabetes.

A few important points to understand as you look at this:

Program costs are comprised of both reoccurring annual costs and a one-time fee for members to receive an InFocus home-monitoring kit for early detection of ulceration risk.

Recurring costs are generated by the delivery of the appropriate level of care for each patient as determined by evidence-based guidelines and protocols. Each person with diabetes should have an annual Arche Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Examination (CDFE), and those that are eligible should receive a prescription for therapeutic footwear and insoles. The incremental increase in annual cost in this model assumes that some, but not all of your members or beneficiaries are receiving care reflective of the standards. Improving adherence to these evidence-based protocols will reduce the incidence of Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFUs) and Lower Extremity Amputations (LEAs), resulting in lower morbidity, mortality, and cost.

The Arche CLUE program provides all members with a stratification appropriate Arche InFocus Home Monitoring System for daily self-monitoring. This is a one-time charge included in the cost and ROI calculations.

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