We are transforming the paradigm for diabetic foot care

We are a select community of healthcare practices that want to make a difference in preventing lower extremity complications in patients with diabetes.

Benefits of joining the Arche LEAP Alliance (ALA)

  • One of a kind, pioneering, premium program
  • Like-minded practices that have met specific qualifications to join
  • Practices receive training, access to a powerful platform and array of medical devices that extend care into the patient’s home
  • Become part of a community that is transforming the paradigm for lower extremity diabetes care by turning evidence-based medicine into evidence-based practice
  • Together we are better! You will adopt an outcomes-based strategy that offers insightful analytics into your progress against the standards and how you compare to your colleagues in the Alliance.
  • Improved patient engagement, health literacy and compliance. An engaged patient is an empowered patient!
  • Arche CDFE evaluation and management submissions that document the need for 61-day at risk footcare
  • Increase practice efficiency, efficacy and reimbursements for appropriate DME prescriptions

Members who remain in good standing by adhering to the protocols and demonstrating the associated outcomes will be eligible to participate in a specialized network of providers that will support a Population Health Management program in collaboration with health insurance plans and other payers.

Maximize the impact of your evidence-based practice and achieve the ‘Peloton effect’: working together, performing better, because of one another!

Join the Arche LEAP Alliance

Improve Healthcare Literacy

Make a Difference