Save limbs AND lives

Saving lives is worth the LEAP

By joining the Arche LEAP Alliance, your practice will be implementing an innovative Population Health Management (PHM) strategy to save not only limbs but ultimately lives.

You will be provided with processes, protocols and tools to ensure that your patients with diabetes are receiving care that reflects the latest Clinical Practice Guidelines.

  • Arche OPTYX – Cloud-based PHM diabetes practice management platform with insightful analytics
  • Arche LEAP Captain (ALA) – Point person to ensure implementation of best practices and Arche LEAP Alliance protocols
  • Evidence-based Arche CDFE with risk stratification – Program increases intervention opportunities to prevent the first ulcer and its recurrence
  • Elevation of your team’s diabetic foot IQ through an on-line, on-demand learning experience
  • Bilingual (English-Spanish) patient education material to improve health literacy – focused on diabetic foot care to reduce risks of ulceration and amputation
  • Patient home monitoring tools – devices that extend care into the patient’s home
  • Prescription Benefit Manager for footwear and insoles – Automated and comprehensive documentation procurement and reimbursement assurance
  • Aligned with HEDIS requirements
  • Future Medicare Advantage and other insurance plan collaboration

The Arche LEAP Captain (ALA)

We think Arche LEAP Captains are quite special. They are your point person, team leader and ALA program champion.

Your Arche LEAP Captain will participate in a 3 hour on-line, on-demand training program that include a live, video-based skills check out.  

As a result of their training, your Arche LEAP Captain will be able to conduct selected potions of the Arche CDFE and provide personalized education to your patients. Their improved knowledge ensures that you an your team will meet clinical practice and documentation standards and that your patients will be more engaged.

They will also be responsible for the fitting and dispensing of therapeutic footwear and insole prescriptions.

Using your Arche LEAP Captain effectively will create significant practice efficiencies. Click here to learn more.

Join the Arche LEAP Alliance

Improve Healthcare Literacy

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