Arche LEAP Collaborative™

‘LEAP’ (Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention) is our middle name. Prevention is the future of healthcare, and in podiatry, preventing amputation is the gold standard of diabetes care.

Take the LEAP!

With value-based performance models replacing ‘fee for service’, patients and health plans alike are generously rewarding healthcare professionals whose focus has shifted from treatment to prevention. The Arche LEAP Collaborative is your ticket to all the professional, financial and, most importantly, patient-care benefits that flow from this new and exciting paradigm.

Lowered Risk

Practices in the Arche LEAP Collaborative are provided with a set of tools, technologies, training and near-real-time data whose collective strengths lead to far lower risk of diabetic wounds and amputations.

Heightened Reward

Data. It’s the key to unlocking the potential for your practice to be a leader in patient care, a magnet for new referrals and ascendant within payer systems that reward prevention while penalizing stagnation.

Arche LEAP Captain

The Arche LEAP Captain is appointed by your practice and will function as the lead and execute all the steps necessary to make this program successful.

We will train your Arche LEAP Captain on how to perform the Arche CDFE and provide other general diabetes care education. Expert support is promptly provided to both the physician(s) and Arche LEAP Captain whenever necessary.


with Optyx®

The tools provided to members of the Arche LEAP Collaborative aggregate existing practice data and amplify that data with comprehensive new insights. This finely-honed data is then activated to optimize patient outcomes; outcomes that, for the first time, can be accurately measured, validated and clearly demonstrated.

Optyx, our proprietary technology platform, expertly guides you and your staff every step of the way.

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