Cornerstone Technology

Aggregate – Amplify – Activate

 Optyx® is Arche Healthcare’s proprietary technology platform. Optyx® resides at the center of our unique ability to aggregate existing patient and practice data, amplify that data with comprehensive new insights, then activate that broad knowledge in the prevention of ulcers associated with diabetes.

Why Measure?

The root causes and preventative strategies for curbing the rate of ulcers and amputations resulting from diabetes are thoroughly documented. The missing element has been an organized, data-driven framework that inspires and guides each stakeholder, every step of the way. Optyx delivers that and more.

What Does Optyx Measure?

Optyx®, a fully HIPPA-compliant software links to your EMR and EHR to build a registry of active patients with diabetes based on;

Wounds and amputations

At-risk foot care visits

Arche CDFE’s

Prescriptive insoles and footwear

What Does this Data Add up to?

The Arche LEAP Score measures and stratifies provider performance across essential aspects of the Arche LEAP Collaborative program.

LEAP Score criteria include CDFE completion rate, cadence of at-risk visits, patient adherence to prescriptive shoes and inserts, and overall patient satisfaction. Arche Healthcare’s LEAP Score is an essential tool in achieving predictable, consistent ulcer prevention.

What is the Outcome?

An engaged and activated patient. Our solution is built around the Arche Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam (CDFE), a genuinely comprehensive exam supported by an equally comprehensive set of corresponding tools, technologies and education. Prevention is achieved by following a standardized set of protocols that, in turn, generate personalized, engaging and adherence-building plans of care for your patients.

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