Research shows that most patients diagnosed with diabetes have not received an annual CDFE

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Ineffective Risk Stratification – According to the multiple research references, healthcare providers are not performing recommended comprehensive diabetic foot exams resulting in a failure to identify at-risk patients and accurately chart their medical conditions.

Ineffective Patient Education and Care – Patients generally do not understand or acknowledge their at-risk foot conditions. This results in a patient’s failure to utilize appropriately sized footwear and insole solutions, moisturizers and daily monitoring for potential life threatening wounds.

Foot ulcers rank as one of the most common complications of diabetes leading to hospitalization, with nearly 60% of all non-traumatic lower-extremity amputations performed on persons with diabetes. This has placed a preventable – and therefore unnecessary – heavy demand on our heathcare system, which, incidentally, tops the financial strains of the costliest cancers.


Ineffective Self-Examination – Even when at-risk patients are identified and instructed to monitor their feet at home, they are not given an effective means to do so and therefore are unaware of developing complications.