Do your lower extremity protocols for patients with diabetes meet the Clincial Practice Guidelines recommendations?


Arche Healthcare has architected a suite of cost-effective Population Health Management (PHM) healthcare delivery tools, CLUE® and HealthStep®, that are setting the Standards of Care for Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention (LEAP).

Arche’s coordinated multidisciplinary clinical care platforms are committed to improving clinical outcomes for diabetes populations. Built on unique strategic alliances, the Arche strategies provide a cost-effective healthcare delivery platform to assist in reducing diabetic foot complications.

Created by a team of world renowned clinicians and diabetes researchers, Arche’s programs are evidence-based in practice and endorsed by every diabetes related Clinical Practice Guideline.

Our Population Health Management (PHM) programs help forward-thinking healthcare providers, health plans and other healthcare stakeholders achieve a compelling ROI given the current expense/outcomes resulting from diabetic foot complications while at the same time, help these healthcare providers meet the new HEDIS requirement on chronic conditions and avoidable hospitalization measures.