Arche Healthcare®


Arche Healthcare is a leading Population Health Management (PHM) provider for diabetic foot health programs . Using insightful predictive analytics, Arche’s platforms, CLUE® and HealthStep®, have been designed to reduce a diabetes patient’s potential for developing life-threatening foot complications.

In an increasingly outcome-driven payment environment, Arche’s proprietary platforms offer healthcare providers and health plans seamless and compliant “tools” to reduce wounds and amputations by 50%1.

Arche’s platforms are trusted by leading clinicians and informed by the latest evidence-based research and practice on lower extremity diabetic foot health.

Arche partners with forward-thinking health plans, pharmacy retailers, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities as well as Podiatric practices across the country to prevent the “first” lower extremity wound.


  • If you can’t find your high-risk patient; you can’t effectively treat them
    • All patients with diabetes must have an American Diabetes Association recommended annual comprehensive diabetic foot examination (CDFE)
  • If a patient can’t see or feel their symptoms; they won’t acknowledge they exist
    • Standardized risk stratification and individualized risk profiling for diabetic foot complications is essential to a successful Population Health Management (PHM) strategy
  • If a patient is not partnered in their own care; they likely won’t think about the consequences of not knowing
    • A visual “Show & Tell” approach to healthcare literacy makes the symptoms noticeable

1Lawrence A. Lavery, Robert P. Wunderlich, Jeffrey L. Tredwell (2005) 70 31–37 Disease management for the diabetic foot: Effectiveness of a diabetic foot prevention program to reduce amputations and hospitalizations; Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice